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Beth Pihl welcomes you to Charlotte and the Lake Norman area. She will help you find relevant, up-to-date information on what is available in communities where you want to live. Beth's years of experience can help you transform your dream of the perfect home into reality. If you're selling, you can feel secure that Beth will get you moving onto your next adventure quickly. From the big picture to the small details, she is ready to help. She tailors home buying and selling to your unique circumstances because she understands – "Home is Personal."

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Take Advantage of Your Home Equity: A Homeowner’s Guide

Homeownership offers many advantages over renting, including a stable living environment, predictable monthly payments, and the freedom to make mod...

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2020 Outlook: Real Estate Market Forecast

We’re in the midst of the longest economic expansion in U.S. history, and economists think there’s still room to grow. A recent survey by the N...

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Gifts and Gadgets for Every Room in the House

Are you searching for new and innovative gift ideas this holiday season? If so, check out our list of the hottest home technology offerings. We’v...

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